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When parents divorce, it is common to have serious disagreements over parenting arrangements and the roles that each of you will play in your child's life. The key is how you resolve those disagreements. You have to stick up for your child and your rights, but a courtroom custody battle is costly in every sense of the word.

The Law Office of David D. Nowak, LLC , takes a client-centered approach to child custody and visitation. We strive toward a fair and practical solution to these complex issues. As hard as it is to find common ground, a custody agreement of your making is almost always preferable to custody terms dictated by a judge. However, if negotiations break down or the other parent is trying to take your kids away, our trial lawyer will fiercely advocate for you in contested custody proceedings.

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Custody disputes require a focus on the children and a spirit of cooperation, but also realistic goals and a legal strategy. Attorney David Nowak sits down with you to explain your rights as a parent and what factors the court will consider in determining the best interests of your child. From that reference point, he will help you pursue the outcome that works best for everyone involved.

In the eyes of the law, a child has a right to be parented by both parents unless one is abusive to that child. Physical custody refers to where the child will live and who is responsible for the child's day-to-day activities. One parent may be awarded primary physical custody and the other parent reasonable visitation (parenting time), or the parents may have shared (approximately equal) physical custody. Legal custody refers to authority over major decisions about the child's education, health care and religious upbringing. In most cases, the parents will have shared legal custody even if one parent has primary physical custody.

If you cannot agree on custody, a court will have to intervene. Contested custody proceedings may lead to a psychological evaluation, a home study and custody evaluation, drug screens and appointment of an attorney to oversee the child's best interests. Custody trials are long, intense and expensive, but when there is no alternative David Nowak is a formidable trial lawyer who can fight for you in court.

Working Out the Details of Co-Parenting

Beyond the framework for custody and visitation, you need a parenting plan that spells out the rules, the daily schedule and the plan for the calendar year: pickup/drop-off, overnights, holidays, vacations, extracurricular activities, time with grandparents and so on. We help you negotiate and draft a clear but flexible parenting plan that avoids unnecessary disputes that could land you back in court.

Whether you are seeking primary custody or seeking to maximize your visitation time, we help clients anticipate problems and find creative solutions to sticky disputes. David Nowak has litigated complex and high-conflict cases, including international custody disputes. Working from your goals, he is the compassionate counselor and capable advocate you need.

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