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Taking Control of Your Maryland Divorce

Getting divorced can be legally complicated, financially tangled and emotionally intense. The numerous decisions to be made will have ramifications long after you go your separate ways. If you have children together, the tenor and the outcome of your divorce will also affect the co-parenting dynamic for years to come.

At the Law Office of David D. Nowak, LLC , we take a client-centered approach to the very personal considerations of ending a marriage and dividing the marital estate. Our philosophy is to empower clients with the information and perspective to make sound decisions and choose their battles. Attorney David Nowak's strong financial background and courtroom experience also help you negotiate from a position of strength and move forward with confidence.

Getting Started and Planning Your Divorce

Trial lawyer David Nowak will sit down with you to understand your goals and your primary concerns. He will explain your options and help you determine the appropriate course of action:

  • Separation and no-fault divorce — In Maryland, you can dissolve a marriage after a formal 12-month separation. Many couples prefer working out a separation agreement and property settlement agreement to having a judge make decisions about assets and the terms of divorce. This approach is not always feasible, especially in high-conflict divorce or complex property division.
  • Fault-based divorce — You may also have fault-based grounds for divorce, such as: adultery, desertion or constructive desertion, cruelty or excessively vicious conduct, insanity or criminal conviction. Mr. Nowak can gauge whether fault-based divorce would provide an advantage in dividing property or determining child custody.
  • Annulment - An annulment is a relatively rare way to end a marriage.  There are many grounds for an annulment including bigamy, being related to certain degrees, insanity, underage marriage, fraud, duress, or force, physically being incapable of intercourse and an invalid ceremony.  Call David D. Nowak to discuss whether you are eligible for an Annulment in Towson, Maryland, or Baltimore.

Experienced Baltimore Divorce Attorney

Whichever avenue you take, many of the core issues will be the same. David Nowak has negotiated and litigated all facets of dividing your estate. He can advise you on which assets would be considered joint property as opposed to separately owned property. From his previous career as a securities analyst for a Fortune 500 banking institution, David is knowledgeable about valuing pensions and retirement accounts, stocks and investments, real estate and timeshares, and business valuation. He also knows how to conduct an asset search to find overseas accounts or assets hidden or transferred in anticipation of divorce.

We regularly represent high net worth clients such as professionals, business owners and executives, as well as high-ranking military officers or law enforcement personnel, who have complex considerations in asset division:

  • The marital residence and other real property
  • Retirement savings and bank accounts
  • Marital debt (mortgage, car loans, credit cards)
  • A closely held business or professional practice
  • Stock options, executive compensation packages
  • Cars, boats, jewelry and valuables

Even complex divorces can be resolved through a settlement agreement when both parties are invested in an amicable solution. In the event you and your spouse cannot come to agreement, we will be prepared to aggressively argue your positions at trial. David Nowak has experience in both bench trials and appeals of divorce decrees. Our firm can also provide mediator services to couples or legal advice to individuals in advance of divorce mediation sessions.

Contact us to discuss your situation with Towson divorce attorney David Nowak in a free phone consultation. We can arrange evening or weekend appointments.

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